Sems Screw Applications

Did you know that there are literally millions of permutations of SEMS / Combination Screws demanding different drives, head styles, threads, point styles, materials, washer combinations and plating finishes?

Here at Europa Fastenings we have developed various ranges of bespoke SEMS / Combination Screws for our customers depending on the end user’s applications and specifications. 

SEMS / Combination Screws have been designed to save production time and money for the end user and also the added safety feature as conventional loose washers may cause a problem. Here are a few examples of the Industries that we have helped over the years: Electrical Industries, Switch Gear Industries and Automotive Industries. These Industries have a large usage for SEMS Screws, so we have developed many Combinations of SEMS each  with various shapes of washers and screws to suit our customers every need.

We have also manufactured a range of bepoke pressed components and turned components. With all of these different manufacturing processess, we believe that there isn't much we can't do.

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